Policies & Training

At RMS Services, we consider our Employees the most valuable resource. The application of our management philosophy coupled with a careful recruiting procedure followed by intensive training programs, have given us a stable work force. We carefully recruit our staff, screening them for trustworthiness, reliability and willingness to learn among other factors. Although most recruited people have prior experience in the building industry, they will still be exposed to our innovative and intensive technical training programs. Training programs in a classroom and on-site facility settings typically cover a broad spectrum of topics. Cleaning processes only cover a small portion of the training program, others safety concerns addressed are:

Basic Workplace Safety Practices
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Back Safety Training
OSHA Regulations
Chemical Safety
Blood borne Pathogens Safety
Building Security Procedures

RMS Services supervisors participate in periodic training sessions, trade shows, and seminars hosted by some of the trade organizations we are active in. All staff members are encouraged to participate as these professional organizations help employees keep abreast of new materials, procedures, equipment, and innovative ideas in the Building Services Industry.

Quality Assurance