How To Hire a Cleaning Company

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In todays world anyone can call themselves a cleaning company. Here are a few tips and questions you should consider before hiring a cleaning company.

Are you insured?
Every cleaning company should be able to prove they are insured by sending their certificate directly from the insurance company. Don't be fooled by a company that produces their own certificate of insurance.

How much insurance do you have?
Most companies should be insured with at least a 1 million dollar policy. This protects your facility if anything should happen during routine cleaning. A company that fails to have sufficient insurance could cause many headaches for your company.

Are your employees covered by workman's compensation?
It is New York State law to have workman's compensation. If a company doesn't have this, and such an incident happen, it could result in a lawsuit and huge lawyers fees.

How long have you been in business?
Longevity proves competence. You learn a lot of things by being on the job and seeing different scenarios each and every day. With over 20 years of experience RMS has proven at the fore-front of the cleaning industry.

Do you have any references?
Never hire a company without checking with prior clients. Ask them if they were happy with the service, if the pricing was competitive, and if they would honestly recommend them. A cleaning company should be able to produce at least 5 references for you.

Do you check out employees before hiring?
You're giving access to your building, so you need to trust the people that are going to be cleaning it. All of our employees have to concede to a drug test and criminal background check before being considered for a position.

If issues arise, can I speak with the owner?
The owner of RMS Building Services, Mike Reith, is always available to his clients. He is a hands-on owner and is always in the field working and assisting his clients and employees to insure the job is getting done right. He is available anytime be phone or email.

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